Lake 1 Renovation

The engineering work has been completed on the renovation to Lake 1 that will reduce the amount of water required to maintain the water level.  The plans are with the necessary state agencies for approval and bids will be sent out after the plans have been approved.   Work on the lake is anticipated to begin in May or June in the normal dry season to minimize work stoppages.  In anticipation of the planned start the water wells that feed Lake 1 have been turned off and the water level is being monitored for the rate of water loss.  As the lake level drops residents will notice that the dirt lake bottom will be exposed.  The lake will not drain completely before work begins but the lower level will reduce the time needed to perform the renovation since the crews can have access to the lake.  A fish harvest is planned for mid April to recover the fish and place them in various lakes within the community.  As the water level drops further an additional harvest will be made to remove as many as possible and place them in the community lakes.  We hope to minimize the loss of fish as much as possible.  More information will be provided as the start of the renovation nears.