Water Plant 1 Water Well Drilling Operation

The contractor drilling the water well at Water Plant #1 has resumed 24 hour a day operations this week.  This work is anticipated to continue until Monday, November 20th.  Any remaining work will then be performed during daylight hours until the new pump is installed in mid-December.  The installation and testing of the new pump may require 24 hour a day servicing depending on any issues with the pump and associated equipment.

We apologize for the inconvenience during this operation.

Water Plant 1 Activity

The District will begin drilling a new water well at Plant 1 along Mason Road in the near future.  The drilling operation will be a 24-hour a day operation so some noise and lights from the operation will be noticed by residents along Texana Way that are in close proximity to the water plant.  The drilling and associated work is expected to take approximately 10-14 days.  The new water well will replace the existing well which has lost deliverability over the years due to downhole issues.  The existing well will continue to be in operation while the new well is drilled and the well is completed so service to the community will not be compromised.  The new well will be connected to the system after it meets all of the required government testing.  At that time the existing well will be removed from the system.

Update: Lake 5 Remediation Work

Contracts have been approved for the work Lake 5.  The work is scheduled to begin on August 7th pending final approval from the City of Richmond.

The scope of the work will include:

  1. Complete draining Lake 5 pumping water to Lake 6.
  2. Removal of the concrete apron surrounding the lake.
  3. Removal of 2 feet of dirt and sediment from the lake bed.
  4. Replacement of the sediment with clay that has suitable sealing properties.
  5. Compaction of the clay and sloping of the lake bottom
  6. Filling the lake with water.

The anticipated duration of the project is 75- 90 days depending on weather.  During the project truck traffic during the day will be constant as the material will be transported out and new material transported in to replace the clay and sediment.  All truck traffic will be through the Skinner Gate.

Contact the members of the board if you have any questions or concerns.