Update: Lake 5 Remediation Work

Contracts have been approved for the work Lake 5.  The work is scheduled to begin on August 7th pending final approval from the City of Richmond.

The scope of the work will include:

  1. Complete draining Lake 5 pumping water to Lake 6.
  2. Removal of the concrete apron surrounding the lake.
  3. Removal of 2 feet of dirt and sediment from the lake bed.
  4. Replacement of the sediment with clay that has suitable sealing properties.
  5. Compaction of the clay and sloping of the lake bottom
  6. Filling the lake with water.

The anticipated duration of the project is 75- 90 days depending on weather.  During the project truck traffic during the day will be constant as the material will be transported out and new material transported in to replace the clay and sediment.  All truck traffic will be through the Skinner Gate.

Contact the members of the board if you have any questions or concerns.