Update: Lake 5 Remediation Work

Contracts have been approved for the work Lake 5.  The work is scheduled to begin on August 7th pending final approval from the City of Richmond.

The scope of the work will include:

  1. Complete draining Lake 5 pumping water to Lake 6.
  2. Removal of the concrete apron surrounding the lake.
  3. Removal of 2 feet of dirt and sediment from the lake bed.
  4. Replacement of the sediment with clay that has suitable sealing properties.
  5. Compaction of the clay and sloping of the lake bottom
  6. Filling the lake with water.

The anticipated duration of the project is 75- 90 days depending on weather.  During the project truck traffic during the day will be constant as the material will be transported out and new material transported in to replace the clay and sediment.  All truck traffic will be through the Skinner Gate.

Contact the members of the board if you have any questions or concerns.

Sandy Point Drainage Ditch Cleanout

The district approved drainage ditch cleanout on Sandy Point has been scheduled with the project starting during the week of July 24th – July 28th.  Once the work begins it is anticipated to last 3-4 days.  The ditch clean up will be performed on the south side of Sandy Point.

We ask the residents to be aware of the work and the presence of personnel and equipment required to perform the work.  If possible please avoid the street during working hours.

Thank you.

Lake 5 Remediation Work

Fort Bend County Water Control District has begun the work required to fix the water seepage in Lake 5 in Texana Plantation. The water well has been turned off and the lake level is lowering naturally while bids are being prepared and evaluated for the work. Lake Management personnel removed as many fish as they could this week and will be removing the fountain and lights in the next few weeks.

Due to vegetation in the lake they were not able to remove all of the fish. As a result the WCID and HOA are offering our residents who fish in Lake 5 the option to transport any fish caught to another lake in the community or to keep the fish for consumption. The lake level will not allow any future attempts to capture additional fish and the fish will die when the water is gone and the oxygen level is reduced.